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The Law Offices of William R. McGee provides its legal services to the residents of Santa Barbara, California and surrounding areas.

Legal case representation for California Lemon Law claims is offered by our firm to residents of these communities on cases that we accept.  A consumer should consider the benefits of utilizing a California lemon law attorney firm that has 29 years of experience vs. many “newcomer” attorneys that have chosen to include lemon law into their practices in recent months or years.  We believe that nothing takes the place of experience, which we have in settling over 15,660 California lemon law cases.

Our free case reviews and evaluations can be accomplished for our prospective clients by either faxing or emailing in their vehicle’s information.  It is not necessary for our prospective clients to visit us in person.  However, we do have many offices throughout California in which to serve you if you wish to visit us by appointment.

Proper consumer representation in a California lemon law action requires experience.  Our 29 years of serving California residents puts us in a unique position to properly address your needs.  Please contact us at the toll-free number below.

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