How do you deal with an intermittent problem with your vehicles transmission, such as jerking, hard shifting, clunks on downshifts, and other issues? The answer lies in how you go about addressing these issues with your servicing dealership.

The first step in any intermittent transmission issue is duplication of the complaint. With an intermittent problem, this can be challenging. Here’s a few ways to duplicate. First, if you get any warning lights on the dash – photograph them. If you have the tachometer race up (transmission slipping), video it (safely, or have someone video for you). If the issue only manifests itself a few times a day, when you bring it into the dealership, have them write down on the repair order, right after your worded complaint “this problem is intermittent”. You do that every time you bring the vehicle in for warranty repair visits. That comes right after your written complaint on the Repair Order.

What if you can duplicate the issue while driving? In this case, you would take someone from the dealers Service Dept. (technician, shop foreman, etc.) on a test drive and duplicate it. Then, on the Repair Order, have them enter this wording: “duplicated customers transmission concern on test drive”.

Today’s automatic transmissions are computer controlled. Sometimes software updates will correct the issues you are having. Sometimes they don’t. A software update (“flash”) is not always a repair. There is also the “re-adapt” of the transmission. This is where they zero-out the driving history, and the transmission “re-learns” the drivers driving style. This is not a repair. It’s a band-aid. If the transmission has a issue, this will not fix it.

If you keep bringing in your vehicle for transmission complaints under warranty, you may have a potential candidate for a lemon law claim under our California Lemon Law. If your vehicle has seen 2 or more Repair Orders for transmission issues under factory warranty, and your vehicle is a 2013 model-year or newer, we invite you to call us at 1-800-225-3666 , or upload your repair documents here:

If you are having transmission issues with your in-warranty vehicle, or you had multiple repair attempts in-warranty, but the vehicle is now out of warranty, call our Lemon Law Auto Expert, Randy Sottile, who can give you guidance ( 1-858-342-0073 ). This is his link:

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