The number of repair attempts under factory warranty will vary based upon the nature of the defect, and to what degree it substantially impairs the use or safety of operating the vehicle. The general rule of thumb for the minimum number of repair attempts under warranty for a substantial defect is two (2) repair attempts.

California has a “presumption period” of 18 month/18,000 from new, which “presumes” the vehicle is a lemon under a set of circumstances. However, the California Lemon Law statute provides consumer protection for repair attempts under the manufacturer’s warranties. Vehicle have “bumper-to-bumper” warranties, “powertrain” warranties, “emissions” warranties, “corrosion” warranties, SRS/Airbag/seatbelt system warranties, and more. Any repair done under any of these warranties applies towards the California Lemon Law.

So, a vehicle can be new or used, purchased or leased, and so long as it’s covered by a warranty, it can be a potential California Lemon Law candidate. For more information on the California Lemon Law statute, please use this link:

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