“Curbing” your tires? – think again. Our DMV teaches and tests us on how to “curb” our tires on uphill or downhill streets. What the DMV doesn’t teach us is how to do it CORRECTLY.

To “curb” your tire, you turn you wheel to the right if parking downhill, turn your wheel to the right if parking uphill. You do NOT run your tire INTO the curb. Your tire should be a couple of inches from the curb, or barely touching it. Do not ram your tire into the curb. A damaged or deformed sidewall (or tire tread belt) can cause tire failure.

So, the next time you “curb” your tire, you know how to correctly do it! If you have 2013 – 2019 vehicle that has repeated problems under factory warranty, please call us at 1-800-225-3666 to see if you qualify for California lemon law protection. Cases done at no charge to the consumer. www.californialemonlawattorneys.com We invite you to explore your legal options, in the meantime, continue to correctly curb your tires when on an uphill or downhill grade.

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