If you drive a 2013-2019 Ford F-Series truck (typically a F-250/F-350/F-450), and after hitting a bump at highway speeds the steering wheel violently shakes -as does the whole front of the truck – you may be the victim of what has been called “Death Wobble”. The Ford Bumper-To-Bumper 3 year/36,000 mile factory warranty covers the steering and suspension components that are involved in this “Death Wobble” problem.

If you own/lease a 2013-2019 Ford F-Series with this condition, and you had a minimum of 2 documented warranty repair attempt visits for this issue (even if it’s currently now out of warranty), please contact us at 1-800-225-3666 for a free consultation. We know this issue and have settled cases on this issue. Our services are 100% free to the consumer. We invite your call from anywhere in California.

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