Manufacturer’s “secret” warranties. What are they, what do they cover, and why consumers should find out more.

A “warranty” is anything the manufacturer will repair/replace on your vehicle without charge to you. There are “limited warranties” (what you get with the car purchase), then there’s the “other” category – hidden warranties. These warranties mean that either a specific issue has been identified on a certain VIN# range of vehicles, or *all* vehicles in the affected year(s). It’s usually model specific, and can even be engine type specific. They can be for gas, diesel, electric, or hybrids.

What forms do these warranties reveal themselves? It can be any one of the following:

  1. As part of a NHTSA Recall
  2. As part of a “Service Campaign”
  3. As part of a campaign wherein they extend the warranty on a specific component or system for a specific period of time (as an example, to 100,000 miles)
  4. A “goodwill program” to cover, without charge, repairs done out of factory warranty by a consumers independent garage after the factory warranty has expired.
  5. A warranty extension that is part of a Class Action settlement.

What can a consumer do to find out about these warranties? Usually not much if it’s not a NHTSA Recall action – but there is good news if you have had repeated warranty repairs for the same issue, even if your vehicle is now out of warranty. You may have a valid lemon law claim under California’s lemon law. Your vehicle might have applicable “secret warranties” that actually make your vehicle – for that specific problem – technically still under warranty!. Though a California Lemon Law claim isn’t limited to vehicles still under warranty, it’s what happened while under warranty that makes up the basis of the lemon law claim. We invite you to call us on your 2013 or newer vehicle that has had repeated factory warranty issues. We are available to help you at 1-800-225-3666. We have complete access to all of these “secret warranties”. We take cases we accept on a “no fees/no costs” basis. 100% free to the consumer.

If you have a vehicle that has not had repeated issues under warranty, then we suggest you visit with your Service Advisor at your servicing new car franchise dealer, have them look up your VIN#, and see what campaigns, etc. that may be applicable to your vehicle.

So, now the “secret” is out…

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