Hybrid vehicles, depending on the manufacturer and model, can either be wonderful, powerful, versatile vehicle’s that are great on fuel economy, OR, they can be the source of great consumer dissatisfaction. Hybrids drive very different than gasoline vehicles. Generally, the less expensive and basic the hybrid (sub-$30,000 hybrids), the greater the potential for consumer dissatisfaction. These sub-$30,000 hybrids just do not drive like gasoline cars. Many have air conditioners that shut off when waiting at stoplights. Some you have to push to “start”, but they wait for the hybrid system to fire up. The engine/hybrid system doesn’t sound like a gasoline car either.

Consumers should take great care before buying a hybrid. My recommendation is to find the model hybrid you *think* you want, then go to a car rental agency who has that model, rent it for a few days and see if you really still like it. After all, you’re going to have it for a very long time unless you trade it off and lose a substantial amount of money.

Due diligence is the word of the day. Take your time. Don’t rush into anything. This will yield your best purchase decision.

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