One of the most common (and dangerous) mis-conceptions is that the airbag will save your life. It can, or it can potentially injure you or end your life.
A properly positioned drivers seat is the difference. Way too many people sit to close to the airbag. When too close, in an accident the driver cannot “ride down” INTO the airbag. Rather, it explodes (deploys) in their face. The key is to position yourself with your arms outstretched from the steering wheel, with a slight bend downwards at the elbows. You can accomplish properly reaching the pedals by moving the adjustable steering wheel AWAY from you if so equipped on your car. Of course, ultimately you should follow the recommendations for seatbelt/seat adjustment/airbag in those sections of your vehicle’s Owners Manual. A properly adjusted seating position allows the airbag to inflate, *then* you “ride down” the force of the impact by going *into* the opened airbag, not the airbag exploding (deploying) into your face. I encourage every vehicle owner to do this. Just yesterday while on the freeway I saw numerous other drivers that were maybe – at best – positioned just inches from their steering wheels. So, back away from that steering wheel according to what’s outlined in your vehicles owners manual.

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