How do I get a California lemon law case started?

You get started by providing us with documents that allow us to do a thorough review of your potential Lemon Law case. You simply call our toll-free number and we will provide a list of required documents that you can fax, or scan and e-mail.

Once we have reviewed your documents, you will be contacted right away. We will let you know if we have accepted your lemon law case.  At that point we will fax you a Retainer Agreement, which clearly and concisely defines the terms of our legal services. Once we receive your signed Retainer Agreement back, we will start on your case right away by transmitting  a legal demand to the auto manufacturer that produced your vehicle for them to repurchase it pursuant to our California lemon law.

It is important to note than in the internal handling/pursuit of your lemon law case, when the manufacturer responds to our lemon law legal demand for repurchase (or replacement if that is your preference), their response goes directly to the president of our firm, not to a paralegal or associate attorney like many other firms. The president of our firm will be personally calling you on your lemon law case. Just because we are California’s largest statewide lemon law firm doesn’t mean that your return call on your lemon law case demand will be from anyone other than the president of the firm.

Once we have reached a proper settlement with the auto manufacturer, we will contact you with specific instructions on turning in your vehicle at your local dealership.

If you think that you may qualify for California lemon law protection, call us right away.  The sooner you get your Lemon Law case started, the sooner you can get your case settled!  Call us now.

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(Your vehicle is a 2018 - 2025 only, purchased or leased NEW, USED, or CPO USED from a dealership in California.)

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(Your vehicle is a 2018 - 2025 only, purchased or leased NEW, USED, or CPO USED from a dealership
in California and under the manufacturer’s factory warranty, or it recently expired.)