On-Staff Auto Expert – Randy Sottile

More often than not, lemon law cases are won or lost by the information and consulting provided by the auto expert to the attorney handling the case.

William R. McGee, recognizing the importance of an auto expert to research and “dig up” all the technical information, internal manufacturers documents, and the ongoing expert advice/informational exchange pre-trial/at trial (in the event a case goes to court) on each lemon law case, has every case reviewed by Randy Sottile before choosing to take the case. This allows him to view the case from his legal perspective and Years 35 years of expertise, as well as from the auto experts mechanical perspective. More often than not, cases are won by the attorney proving to the automobile manufacturer that they (the attorney firm) know as much – or more – about the issue(s) with the vehicle than they do.

Here is a fact that consumers should know before choosing a lemon law attorney. Almost without exception, all other lemon law attorney firms do not have an on-staff auto expert. Other firms typically do not even involve an auto expert to review the case until it is deep into litigation – and then only “designates” the expert. Why? It’s all about money. This is a “cost” to the case – meaning – the attorney has to “front” the money out of his/her own pocket. Auto experts can cost as much as $300-$500 per hour. So they simply don’t want to spend their money on a case they have no guarantee of winning.

Most lemon law cases are settled by Mr. McGee in the very early stages – typically in the first few weeks or months. As soon as Mr. McGee discusses the repair history on the vehicle, accompanied by the research results provided by the on-staff auto expert, Randy Sottile, the case typically settles very quickly. Some manufacturer’s will take longer to agree to settle a case.

In an example of the importance of the on-staff auto expert in a case, Mr. McGee recently took a lemon law case to trial – something that happens very rarely, as 99% of the firm’s cases are settled by Mr. McGee without the need of going to court. The expert for the automobile manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, in both his deposition and trial testimony, gave testimony that was impeached (his testimony was flawed) by Mr. McGee via the technical research, information, parts and documents provided to Mr. McGee for use in trial by Randy Sottile. Ford lost the case. The jury questioned the credibility of Ford’s expert’s testimony. This is but one example of how cases are won. Ford was required to buy the vehicle back, and the jury punished Ford Motor Company by making an additional $15,000 civil penalty damage award to the vehicle owner that Ford is required to pay…

Randy Sottile has access (portals) into each manufacturer’s factory technical information systems. This is no small feat. This is where the problems/defects that are under engineering review are found, and many vitally important technical documents far beyond a simple TSB (Technical Service Bulletin).

Automobile manufacturers will not freely give out information that will hurt their position. In California, you can only get back what you ask for. However, most attorney’s have limited – or no idea – of what to ask for from the manufacturer in the form of technical documents. They blindly ask for “all documents relating to”, which gets them “vague and ambiguous” objections back. When I review and research a case, I tell Mr. McGee exactly the documents for the manufacturer to produce. If they don’t – they are in trouble, as I already have them! All of the automobile manufacturers know this – and they know who I am.

Randy Sottile has been the on-staff auto expert for Mr. McGee for nearly [wbcr_php_snippet id=”2723″] years. Prior to being hired by William R. McGee, Randy Sottile consulted to lemon law attorneys in various states nationwide on their lemon law cases. He brings his expertise to Mr. McGee, and, equally important to the consumer – you. You can call Mr. Sottile anytime about questions on your vehicles factory warranty repairs/problems history. He is always accessible via his direct cell number, 1-858-342-0073. Or, you can call the office at 1-800-225-3666, and he can be paged to call you back at your desired phone number.

Mr. Sottile is an auto expert, but more importantly, a consumer advocate. He understands the consumer. He had his own “lemon” back in 1995, so he can personally relate to each and every consumers frustration. Mr. McGee invites you to call Mr. Sottile and discuss your vehicle and it’s warranty repair issues. Mr. Sottile is very accessible.

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