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Hybrid vehicles, depending on the manufacturer and model, can either be wonderful, powerful, versatile vehicle’s that are great on fuel economy, OR, they can be the source of great consumer dissatisfaction. Hybrids drive very different than gasoline vehicles. Generally, the less expensive and basic the hybrid (sub-$30,000 hybrids), the greater the potential for consumer dissatisfaction. These sub-$30,000 hybrids just do not drive like gasoline cars. Many have air conditioners that shut off when waiting at
The number of repair attempts under factory warranty will vary based upon the nature of the defect, and to what degree it substantially impairs the use or safety of operating the vehicle. The general rule of thumb for the minimum number of repair attempts under warranty for a substantial defect is two (2) repair attempts. California has a “presumption period” of 18 month/18,000 from new, which “presumes” the vehicle is a lemon under a set
One of the most common (and dangerous) mis-conceptions is that the airbag will save your life. It can, or it can potentially injure you or end your life. A properly positioned drivers seat is the difference. Way too many people sit to close to the airbag. When too close, in an accident the driver cannot “ride down” INTO the airbag. Rather, it explodes (deploys) in their face. The key is to position yourself with your
When it comes to our California Lemon Law, consumers are equally protected – regardless of what your car costs. It can be a $199/mo. lease on a Hyundai, a inexpensive (or expensive) used car still under factory warranty at purchase, or the purchase of a $209,000 Bentley. The California lemon law is fair for everybody. It’s not price dependent. It’s WARRANTY dependent. It’s also not dependent upon new or used, leased or purchased. So long
Ford’s DPS6 dual-clutch transmission is the source of vehicle owner’s complaints of transmission “shuddering”, “shaking”, “lack of power”, and other driveability complaints. There are actually two separate systems to blame for the transmission problems and failures. The first is the dual-clutch. This transmission utilizes a manual clutch with electric motors to change gears. The oil seals within the clutch assembly area fail, splaying oil onto the dual-clutch. This causes the driveability issues. There is no

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