Latest threat to ‘repair attempts under the California Lemon Law’.

In California, the words “repair attempt” represent the definition of what constitutes a legal visit to the dealer’s service department for warranty repairs under the California Lemon Law.

A “repair attempt” is created when a “Repair Order” has been generated by the Service Advisor at the dealership. The newest threat to consumers getting legal “repair attempts” is the satellite systems found on many new vehicles. We can’t repeat the trademarked names here, but you know what we mean. These car-to-manufacturer “link-ups” allow a manufacturer to go into various computer systems on your car (while you are talking to them on the satellite system), and in some cases ERASE the “SES”/CHECK ENGINE warning light or other warning lights on your dashboard/instrument cluster, or at least the DTC’s (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

This “satellite mobile workshop” by automobile manufacturer’s can potentially minimize “repair attempts” under the lemon law by negating your requirement to go into the dealership for repairs. Depending upon the warning light that comes on, you can usually simply drive to your nearest dealership and have repairs facilitated – and get a Repair Order generated. If the warning light causes drivability or safety issues, simply call the manufacturers Roadside Assistance 800# and have the vehicle towed in. Again, by towing-in you can generate a Repair Order.

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