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When a Warranty is not a Warranty

“Service Contract”. Do you need one and should you buy one? Before we get to that decision, do you know what a Service Contract IS, and what it means? Car dealerships want to sell you one, most-often coining them as “extended warranties”. They are NOT “extended warranties”. They are not a warranty at all. What are they then? They are a insurance policy against mechanical breakdown. How does that differ from a warranty? Well, aRead More…


Curbing Your Tires – It Can Save Your Life

“Curbing” your tires? – think again. Our DMV teaches and tests us on how to “curb” our tires on uphill or downhill streets. What the DMV doesn’t teach us is how to do it CORRECTLY. To “curb” your tire, you turn you wheel to the right if parking downhill, turn your wheel to the right if parking uphill. You do NOT run your tire INTO the curb. Your tire should be a couple of inchesRead More…