Many consumers believe that calling the automobile manufacturer’s “customer assistance” or “customer relations” department will further their cause for their “lemon” vehicle. This, in most cases, could not be further from the truth. But why?

When a consumer calls and requests a manufacturer for a buyback on their “lemon” vehicle, the manufacturer has no “rule book” to follow. They can agree to buyback the vehicle (not likely), but even if they do they’re calculations on “usage charges”, and “optional equipment deductions” may be very different than the language of our California Lemon Law. You see, they can offer what they want – meaning – whatever you might agree to. They may want to offer you a few car payments or lease payments in leiu of a buyback, but – and I say but – likely will want to to sign a release agreement that banishes your lemon law rights. They may want to offer you some cash in leiu of a buyback. Same thing, likely with a release agreement to sign that takes away your lemon law rights.

Consumer Assistance/Relations centers give you a “case number”. This is NOT a lemon law case number. This is simply a reference number for the next time you call in. Sounds all a little confusing, doesn’t it. There are literally thousands of consumers stories of “getting the run-around”, “not getting back to me”, “sending me back the dealer” and more. It can be incredibly frustrating and tense.

What has been outlined above is the the most basic reason for hiring a experienced lemon law attorney to represent you. The one’s who are the most experienced (25+ years) can be your best bets. An attorney has the power of a lawsuit – you do not. California has no requirement for Arbitration either, despite how the manufacturer prints it in your warranty book. The best lemon law attorneys charge you nothing – their services are free to you. Others will have “contingency fees” if they win the case. Those attorneys are NOT free. A top lemon law attorney will take your case without cost to you.

When you have a lemon law attorney represent you, he/she goes by THE LAW. You are represented to pursue the automobile manufacturer for your legal entitlement under the California Lemon Law. You as the consumer simply cannot do what a lemon law attorney can do, because you do not possess the same set of “tools” that he/she does.

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In the final equation, the automobile manufacturer is generally looking out for their best interests. After all, this is about money, and one could hardly imagine them wanting to give you your money back on your “lemon” vehicle if they don’t have to, right? It’s just business.

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