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The California Lemon Law requires a vehicle manufacturer that is unable to repair a vehicle to conform to the manufacturer’s express warranty after a reasonable number of repair attempts to replace or repurchase the vehicle.  The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and, in part, titled the Tanner Consumer Protection Act. The complete text of the lemon law can be found at California Civil Code § 1793.2 et seq. If you believe your vehicle may qualify as a “lemon”
Our California lemon law protects owners of motorhomes against getting a “lemon”. The consumers rights in a motorhome lemon law case are similar to that of an automobile lemon law case. Below is a true account of a frustrated motorhome owner who’s new $200,000 motorhome was literally making his wife sick. After speaking with different lemon law firms, a couple called our firm about their new motorhome. The husband said they could not use it,
Many consumers believe that calling the automobile manufacturer’s “customer assistance” or “customer relations” department will further their cause for their “lemon” vehicle. This, in most cases, could not be further from the truth. But why? When a consumer calls and requests a manufacturer for a buyback on their “lemon” vehicle, the manufacturer has no “rule book” to follow. They can agree to buyback the vehicle (not likely), but even if they do they’re calculations on
California Lemon Law Statute and Consumer Information. The California Lemon Law (officially known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty act, found in California Civil Code sections 1790 et seq.) is a law designed to protect consumers that purchase or lease warranted motor vehicles. If it is determined that a motor vehicle is a “lemon”, the motor vehicle’s warrantor must repurchase or replace the motor vehicle from the buyer. The vehicles use, safety or value must be
Driving in the rain and engine failure – what you need to know… Consumers all too often do not know that a simple “drive through the flooded intersection” can mean engine death on their cars. It can also happen on flooded roadways of any type. The air duct that leads into your vehicle’s engine is located somewhere at the front radiator support area just behind your front grille. These plastic airways have an air filter

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