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How do you deal with an intermittent problem with your vehicles transmission, such as jerking, hard shifting, clunks on downshifts, and other issues? The answer lies in how you go about addressing these issues with your servicing dealership. The first step in any intermittent transmission issue is duplication of the complaint. With an intermittent problem, this can be challenging. Here’s a few ways to duplicate. First, if you get any warning lights on the dash
This is a mess you can avoid.  Our law firm sees dozens of cases wherein the consumer has a major engine problem (excess oil consumption/loss of compression/engine failure) and the automobile manufacturer denies warranty coverage. Why? In your owner’s manual, it shows a maintenance schedule. It is also very specific of what grade/quality/specification motor oil that must be used. It doesn’t talk about the oil filter, but these too are specific to each engine type used. If
Manufacturer’s “secret” warranties. What are they, what do they cover, and why consumers should find out more. A “warranty” is anything the manufacturer will repair/replace on your vehicle without charge to you. There are “limited warranties” (what you get with the car purchase), then there’s the “other” category – hidden warranties. These warranties mean that either a specific issue has been identified on a certain VIN# range of vehicles, or *all* vehicles in the affected
Currently there are millions of vehicle’s on the highway that have defective passenger-side airbag modules. Of those that are defective, instead of inflating, they explode and send metal fragments into the passenger. The National Highway Safety Administration is having automobile manufacturers send federal Recall notices out to consumers of afflicted vehicles. Not all vehicles are affected. If you received a Recall notice on your vehicle, and ONLY if your vehicle is still in the factory “bumper-to-bumper” warranty
If you drive a 2013-2019 Ford F-Series truck (typically a F-250/F-350/F-450), and after hitting a bump at highway speeds the steering wheel violently shakes -as does the whole front of the truck – you may be the victim of what has been called “Death Wobble”. The Ford Bumper-To-Bumper 3 year/36,000 mile factory warranty covers the steering and suspension components that are involved in this “Death Wobble” problem. If you own/lease a 2013-2019 Ford F-Series with

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