When it comes to our California Lemon Law, consumers are equally protected – regardless of what your car costs. It can be a $199/mo. lease on a Hyundai, a inexpensive (or expensive) used car still under factory warranty at purchase, or the purchase of a $209,000 Bentley. The California lemon law is fair for everybody. It’s not price dependent. It’s WARRANTY dependent. It’s also not dependent upon new or used, leased or purchased. So long as it was purchased or leased from a dealership licensed by the DMW to sell cars, and it’s covered by a factory warranty, it can be a California Lemon Law potential candidate. What our California Lemon Law primarily looks for is repeated documented repair attempts for the same substantial issue/complaint under factory warranty. An “unreasonable” number of warranty repair attempts. How do you know if you qualify for California Lemon Law protection AND free legal representation? If your vehicle is a 2013 or newer (whether currently in factory warranty or not), and has a history of in-warranty repair visits, simply use this link for a free case evaluation. https://californialemonlawattorneys.com/upload-your-repair-documents/
PLEASE NOTE: repairs made under “extended warranties” purchased on vehicles out of factory warranty are excluded from our California Lemon Law, as well as vehicle’s purchased “private party”. “AS-IS” used cars have no warranty, unless there is remaining time/miles left on the original manufacturer’s limited new vehicle warranty, or Certified Pre-Owned warranty.

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